If any of you have visited the tabs & chords forum within the past few weeks, you might have seen my Guitar Pro version of this song. Well, I finally got around to recording it. Not a studio recording, but I did the best I could. Anyways, just to let you guys know, it is 12 minutes long, and I'd like anyone who could give me any advice to please listen to the whole thing. Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy my song.

It was very good. It seemed to lack transitions from part to part at times but the individual parts were very cool. you handled the odd tme signatures bery well with all the imstruments. Almost none of it sounded akward as odd time signatures do when a person doesn't know how to work with them well. The solo at about 5 minutes in was interesting. I didn't like how the tone changed. You should've stuck with the first tone it was more fitting to the solo. The breakdown-ish thing was cool as well. Repition is good in music but make sure you don't over do it. The part starting at about 9:30 was a really good lead in for a super badass, exciting outro and unfortuantely, I didn't really leave saying wow which I know for a fact you could easily do if you put a little more thought into the writing. The end kinda reminded of BTBAM's white walls the more I listened to it. OVerall it was good but can be better, as is true with any piece of music. work on it more. It'd be exciting to hear a really crazy/intricate/melodic ending.

3.5 stars

Since I just listened to 12 minutes, would you mind giving me advice on my song?

well i thought it was pretty good especally from about 3:30 to somewhere in the 5 min range - the music player wont let me select where i can start from so i have to listen to it all over again to find the exact times..... damn them.... anyways overall it was pretty good. In the 6- 9 min range it seemed to lack um... not really sure of the word... so ill just say that it lost my attention. The ending was pretty awesome. For a 12 min song it was alot better than i thought it was gonna be. I feel like there are a couple of different thoughts mixed up in there which the previous poster could be talking about...
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Anyways to my humble opinion. It is really good musicianship. That being said it would bore non-musicians (those bastards) because it lacks the kind of repetitiveness and predictability that they understand (I think that's what I'm trying to say). But then again prog rock never has appealed to the masses for this very reason. Sounds good to me, so I have no complaints.
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dude that intro is awesome. i dont know if the party crowd or the fx in the beginning were necessary. But i love that vibe with the two guitars. i skipped through it a little since its late and im tired, but i half agree with the transition part someone said above, but its not that bad. but seriously, i dont need to tell you anything. this is legit. the solos, the chords, just need vocals
Whoa whoa whoa.... MAD props to the part at about the 1/5th mark that fakes out the clean breakdown, then cuts back.

Nuff said.
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Cool man, a few Dream Theaterish elements here! Have to crit this song quick but it's awesome, liked the big finish!
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