I need something under $350
Something loud enough to be heard over drums at practice/small gigs
I play mostly Pop-Punk/Indie (blink, Boxcar, +44, All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday)

Any help is greatly appreciated

Buy you a small tube amp. I got me a Peavey classic 30 off ebay for 360.00. Proably the best thing ive bought since buying my first guitar. Trust me tubes are really that much better.
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Tubes really ARE that much better.
If anything, I'd save up a little more than $350, and buy something reliable and nice.
You might be able to pick up a Peavey Valveking combo for like $400, not sure.
They're pretty pricey new in Australia, but America seems to get much cheaper gear.
If not, as long as you stay away from Line 6 Spiders, you should be fine.

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