I really thought this was the best place for this thread, if workshopping doesn't qualify as a song writing technique I don't know what does. If there's any issue I'll gladly move this.

I'm Attending the start of a two day songwriting workshop tommorow. The host told us to simply bring a few songs, song ideas and our instrument of choice.

I've never done this type of thing before (other than informal writing workshops for a poetry class). Any tips on other neccessities to bring, the types of issues I might try to bring up, or just general hints for making it a real fun time?

I'm not bringing my primary instrument (bass) but a starter accoustic instead because that's most convenient, and it's what I happen to write songs on. I know it will be a supportive atmosphere, but I have to admit I'm pretty darn nervous about sharing my work so intimately with other song writers.

Anyone done one of these bad boys before?
I haven't, no.. But this sounds so ridiculously cool and I wish I could attend one of these.
If you were only told to bring an instrument, a few songs, and song ideas then I wouldn't worry about dragging along anything else. Just be yourself. I'm sure your work is decent so I wouldn't worry yourself about sharing it with others..

Have fun
I thought it sounded cool too, that's why I had to sign up

Day one is finished. I reccomend everyone host one of these where you live, it's a great opportunity to share with musicians that use styles you might not otherwise have experienced. It's really hard for me to get articulate feedback on my songwriting from my friends, so they other people attending the workshop have really been able to help me out.

Most of the people at mine play old western and folk standards (as well as newer stuff in those catagories), and write new music that fits that genre. I think it was actually better for me than if I had sat down all day with other rock musicians. I have to sketch out a rough version of a completly new song for tommorow, so I'm going to go work on that!