My car has no audio, so I wanted to buy one that would play my MP3 right through it (not that FM Transmitter adapter, I got one and I think the sound looses a bit of quality).

I checked online for a cheap, yet useful one and I found this:

For people that understand about car audio out there, is that USB port for my MP3 player? Like, can I just stick the USB cable from my MP3 player to the receiver, and it will play my songs?

Another question is, will it fit my car? (It's a 99 Dodge Neon)

Thank you
Alrite, well I have one that has a USB connector and all I can say is that they're awesome


You have an iPod that you connect to a mac. For some stupid reason iTunes likes to encode in formats that aren't mp3 and these sterios typically read mp3 only through a USB jack.

However, you can get a male to male audio cable and you'll be able to just plug it into the car and into your mp3 player and play directly off that (works like headphones, except your cars speakers are the headphones) The deck you linked to has an input for AUX cables so you should be fine if you go that route.

However, if you don't have a crappy mac formated iPod (like me) then use the USB drive. It's better and it can charge the mp3 player while it's plugged in.
If by it you mean penis, then yes, it would fit inside your car...maybe even a Hot Wheel car...

But yea, as long as you have a USB jack and a mp3 player that is formatted with mp3's you should be fine.
Uhm....I dunno, check online

It's alightly hard to replace especially if you're going from stock but there should be countless guides online with pictures...pictures full of magic and wonder...and wonder