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Use those Fast fret products or anything similar to that?If you do, do they work and do they help your playing a little??

lame, just practice and then you can do it like a REAL guitarist!!! YAAAAAAY!!!
Quote by fitbband
lame, just practice and then you can do it like a REAL guitarist!!! YAAAAAAY!!!

Just get out.

Anyone else that is not going through hormone changes.
yeah i use a spray called finger ease. helps the fret board not feel "dirty". and helps cut down on string talk.
In my experience any type of spray like that gunks up your strings/fretboard and makes you change strings and clean your fretboard more often. The best advice I can offer is keep your frets polished and your fretboard clean and use some fretboard oil on it.
Works great for me, just takes a bit getting used to.

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Never used any of it so I can't comment on what happens to your playing but I'm sure it will make the fretboard dirty after a while, I just use a dry cloth a rub any dirt of the frets to keep them smoth.
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Yep, I use it all the time. Keeps my strings feeling like new, plus, I like 'slippery' strings.

Edit: Just to clear up; FastFret actually goes on your strings. It is not a running fluid or anything of that matter. It should never touch your actual frets...
Besides, you should clean your Fretboard out with every string change anyway.