Could anyone reccommend me some very easy songs to practice my fingerpicking (got too used to using a pick rather than fingers)?
Dust In The Wind?

Yeah, really easy since it's only acoustic guitar.
With the exception of that suggestion - I agree with everyone else.
Most songs - if not all - songs can be played either way. So pick one's you know and increase the difficulty at a pace that you are comfortable at.
i've been using various songs for various fingerpicking purposes. for example, to start with, i've been using electric eye by judas priest and stockholm syndrome by muse for practising the fast 16th notes, while i've been using moondance by nightwish and knights of cydonia by muse for the gallops. moondance is definately the easier of the lot, although i've been going by the rhythm of the keyboards rather than the bass itself, but its still good, it helps
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Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin is pretty easy and should be good for finger picking exercises, but it is very repititive.
Just play your pick songs with your fingers? I find maxwell murder to be a great finger exercise although it was originally played pickstyle.
I learn some Nirvana when I first started with fingers. (When I first got my bass)
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You could try Pussy Liquor by Rob Zombie or the usual For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica...
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