Pretty much narrowed it down to 4 multi effects units.
Boss GT-8, Line6 Pod XT, Digitech gnx3000, and Zoom g9.2tt.
Looking for opinions on the following criteria;

-Amp Modulations
-Distortions (main focus on heavier)
-Effects quality
-Ease of use
-Recording capability/quality (if any).

Any feedback is MUCH appreciated.
Personally I like the boss because it seemed more versatile than the others, and had less tone loss. Basically everything you listed it does incredibly well...as long as you have a manual.
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Boss, hands down. Digitech RPs just straight up suck in my opinion, most of Zoom's multi efx are terrible, and the Line 6 just doesn't sound as good as the Boss to me.
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I have the PodXT LIVE and its amazing... and its way more compatable than the boss pedal.. my mate has one and wishes he got the line6. With the line 6 you can plug it in to your computer and record via usb, not to mention you can download tones made by line6 from the line6 website if you cant make the one you like...

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I'm currently borrowing a mates POD XT LIVE, to me the distortions sound like arse.
Dry and weak.
Just don't touch the Zoom or Digitech. I don't know much about the others apart from the Line 6 and Boss are meant to be the best available
If you decide you want the boss, make sure you try out the GT 10 aswell.
Supposedly boss improved the tone and feel from the GT 8, plus it has a USB port for recording and midi, and a phrase looper.