It's this awesome very hard to play instrumental on a steel string. No idea who it's by. Heard it a while ago played at talent show (it was a cover though).

And no it's not the one by John Butler (though that's an incredible song).
Probably "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin.
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No it's not that.

I'm actually starting to wonder if the kid who played it just changed it up a lot...
It's gotta be the John Butler one, he plays it a few very different ways. Sometimes he only plays part of it too.
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blue october has one and look for andy mckee, they both have songs called ocean

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blue october has one and look for andy mckee, they both have songs called ocean

For some reason I REALLY LIKE the Blue October one, Idk it just makes me feel all good inside.
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It could be by Slightly Stoopid. Did it have a harmonica and a sax in it?

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That'd be The John Butler Trio mate. Great guitarits, great song.
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