what would any of you recommend to learn ?
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try cavatina (the deer hunter theme) the john williams version, or Antonio Lauros Valse #3
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I think Cavatina is just beautiful.

I used to like a piece so much when I was younger that I tracked it down and found the music. It's pretty easy (or would be to you) though it's in drop D, if I recall, and I think the composer's name is listed in one of the youtube videos I'm linking you to (if not, you'll find it by googling). It's a catalonian xmas song/piece called El noy de la Mare. It has a very nice ending. I liked it enough that I had the guitarist play it for our wedding. :-) Here's a youtube link to Segovia playing it but you only hear it in the beginning with scenes of Spain, presumably, in the background, after which you'll see him playing the second half or so of it. Then follows one of a young man playing it that will show you the fingering (not played as well as Segovia but still pretty good):



p.s. I highly recommend this one for the sexy guy factor. When I first saw this piece played by a good lookin' man (acquaintance) in person, in the Spring time, sitting with me in my yard while the sun was setting and after I'd had a glass or two of wine, I didn't know HOW FOR THE LIFE OF ME I was going to keep myself from tearing his clothes off right then and there! (don't tell my husband this memory goes with the song we got married to - ha ha ha yikes!)
I'm fascinated by Lagrima and Adelita at the moment
I just remembered another gorgeous piece of music. It's Danza Espanola No. 2 (also known as "Oriental" I believe) by Granados. I think on guitar you'd have to make it a duet (but how fun!) but a friend told me in the past that he had the solo music for it so I guess it can be done. Ok yes I just found a soloist on youtube but FYI, in my opinion he could play it a bit slower and with a bit more feeling in parts...still, he's good:


Ah this feels/sounds much better to me! Except please bear with the camera operator who is on crack:


As an "added bonus," here's a nice arrangement of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow":
asturias was the first i properly learnt from sheet music, rewarding and interesting piece
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