Something I wrote, just looking for some feedback.


Sitting back on this dilemma i had, when I walked into these ideas
all the stars i saw in the sky because it was so perfectly clear
the floating lights shinning overhead that gave me my answers
cruising along great until things started to slip in my mind
Now I'm stuck in fifth shifting from thought to thought
a flash in a scenic view, that was so quickly forgot
didn't pay attention because she can't easily be bought
I've tried, now I'm broke, down and lost
oh what to do, what would you find?
when boredom takes you for an adventure
The tour of a lifetime
70's Japan Greco SuperPower
Amps: '65 TRRI - Peavey Classic 50 4x10 - Epiphone VJ Head (Modded) - 2x12 Celestion Greenback Cab
FX: BK Tube Driver - EH Small Stone - MXR CC
Acoustics: Breedlove ADSM20 - Alveraz 5021 12-String