Certain of a dirt-sung clove of garlic mashed up
Calling back-up for the first fault I’ve been needing to remember
All the folk songs I called whole and frozen in their limitations
Flowed through homes with deep vibrations earthquakes shaking
Rough love-making cold cum faking holding tasting smelling
Lusting thrusting scratching thrashing feeding leaving running
Verbalize like tridents because I have got too many lives left
So follow me before I turn around so you can see my sand steps
I can’t have sex I can’t have sex I can’t be vexed I must be correct
Stand up sideways feel like I’ve been on a mountainside
Just hopping forward backward tasting bad smells like they’ve
Been in crying hope to fly like little drops of phlegm upon the
Dirty lawn I’ve smelt I’ve felt like criminals dealt with
Stupid mustard wrist snapping holdbacks get back on track
Tasting liver and can’t remember vomit deep-throat bathroom –
Tile fold scrota face like frozen keep your distance in an instant
You could be the second person I’ve been sucked into a hole
I’ve been blacked out I’ve been raw but I have never lost control
I am a name for myself and she’s been on my triple-decker stung mouth
Forked tongue three ways I would be there I would not say homos
Vex me I would not go the comatose way I cannot be hypnotized
I piss into an alibitten crisp remittent life like sand
Which can’t be bad she loves you yeah you love you yeah you
Are a name for gone insane feed corrosive in deed ferocious
Follow kosher monomaster breaking fist through paint and plaster
Please discuss them taste this piss you know I know you don’t you hope?
Don’t you throw ropes to your best cope floating flying breaking
Easier than lying, dying laughing crass and daft and far from happy
Call your rapist he’s got gas in his big jet flying sex in skies and hope
It leaves but don’t know really want to skillet fish for friends like these.
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