ok before you read anymore, i just want to say if you are a ibanez or a bc rich fanboy or whatever just leave. cause of course they are just going to say i should get the brand of guitar they have even though they havent played the other brand. but anyway i have my eyes set on 2 bada$$ guitars but i can only get 1 of them, what do you guys think i should get
#1 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/B.C.-Rich-DLXJRVO-Deluxe-Jr.-V-Electric-Guitar?sku=517529

#2 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-S7320-Electric-Guitar?sku=512509
ok i have ibanez guitar and i heave played on other guitar brands and still ibanez is best for me. But i whould get B.C.Rich becouse the reviews are little better. And dont look only how guitar looks, look only for its performance, and what do you think is best for you
Ok, heres what i think..
The B.C rich Jr. V, Awesome metal guitar, but generally b.c rich licensed bridges have nothing on an ibanez sytem. Nice Active pickups Perfect for metal Also. Overall Nice equipment on it..And Wicked look

The ibanez,Good guitar if you like 7 strings. It Has (IMO) Better quality wood, But i can't say much for the playability or sound. BUt most ibanez's again have a good playability and sound..Also have a look at the S320(only 6 strings)..
In the end it comes down to what you look for in a guitar..Find anyplace near you that may sell them and try, if not. Buy based on information you collect from a variety of sources.
B.C rich looks bad ass and active pickups are what you want for modern metal..

i recently played the six string version of the ibanez and i thought it sounded thin and weak compared to other guitars in a similar price range jackson dk2m ibanez rgt42dx ..
rubbish pickups too much distortion.. i have heard many horror stories about the zr bridges disintegrating or just not working properly.
however great neck insanely fast
do you really want seven strings?
well the main reason why im thinking about getting the ibanez is cause of the ZR trem i heard a lot of good things about it but thats it.
also can someone explain to me what active pickups are? i heard of passive and stuff like that but i really dont know too much about them.