Poll: Whats Your Favorate Type Of Threads?
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The Picture Threads Demotivational/Epic Etc
63 45%
The Make Your Own Story Threads
7 5%
The MS Paint Threads
22 16%
The Band Threads
3 2%
The ONLY Something Threads
10 7%
The Masturbation Threads
11 8%
The Pokemon Are For Realz Threads
8 6%
The Trivia Threads
2 1%
The News Threads
9 6%
The ' Whats A Guitar ' Threads
6 4%
Voters: 141.
i was just wondering when i see threads that automattically get flamed such as ms paint threads, whilst others enjoy them inevitibaly

please wait for me to make a poll, there a myriad possibilties here.

not this one

Lets have a sexy partay!

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not this one

i was going to put ' this thread ' in the options

but thankyou sir, your opinion is void.
The Only Something threads are good as they help reduce the amount of people asking the same question, however they do get really big after a while

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Talk to Erowid

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definitely the masturbation threads. they are funny
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The music winners listen to
Ones with bad spellings in the title lol
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The UG Awards exist only to instill me with existential doubt.

For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.
The ones that don't fail...

The ones like 'Ever been caught masturbating' and stuff like that. So funny...
I prefer ones where the TS tells the whole story and the rest of us just laugh at him/her, rather than the "ever been/seen/done? etc" threads.

I voted news threads though.
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It's cruel, but the threads that noobs make. Like the latest one where the guy thought he had discovered that playing and open string on the A string was the same as playing fifth fret on the E and said all tabs should be changed, that one got stickied, or in the bass forum where someone thought they'd discovered harmonics.

It is quite cruel to laugh though...
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Serious threads that turn into ridiculously hilarious threads.
the choose your own adventure threads

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My favarate ones are the ones with glaringly obvious spelling mistakes.
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Hot chicks thread
Ban the user above you v.3
dream theater thread
steve vai thread
paul gilbert thread
theory threads
technique threads
80's threads.
News and Current Events threads are my favourite (TS, not the correct spelling of favourite); they're able to spark debates easily, and often very interesting debates, with lots of different opinions.
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Possibly pic threads I guess... actually the ones I visit most are the polls and the DT.
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Yes it is!
Second one to me

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Mine our the ones whcih go completey the opposite from what the Thread was originaly about. Usually contains 3 or more Ugers chatting about having 4-way man-orgies and stuff.
failed. especially with the favorate an all. u shd b thankful the grammar nazis arent verbally rap(i)ng you now.

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failed. especially with the favorate an all. u shd b thankful the grammar nazis arent verbally rap(i)ng you now.

<Omri> I love trannys too..
Masturbation/sex threads (esp. 'getting caught wanking' threads).
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the Pedobaiting threads. too bad those things aren't allowed anymore.

damn nazi-ass mods.
Your poll misses out on the Ban Thread...
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Ones which feature correct title spelling.