Today, my mum helped me bring back a CIJ Telecaster from Japan!!! (she was in a business trip) TL62B-TX in sunburst. I love its sound, in all 3 positions. and usually i don't like to combine pickups. This tele changed my view towards teles. before that I only played my friend's custom MIA tele and i thought it was decent at best. this tele is CIJ, a fraction of its price (less than half) and it sounds waay better than the MIA. The neck feels great, like my American Vintage Jaguar. Nitrocellulose.

For both the feel and for lead playing, it rivals my Jaguar, especially in the blues. it completely defeats my strat in terms of feel and tone. My only problem is the set up. It wasn't set up perfectly, due to a slight buzz on the A string, but that's natural as i just got it. It's definitely a mainstay.

I now have a great newfound respect for Fender Japan. CIJ for the win!!!


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Nice with the binding

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