I don't get it, I am having trouble with Sweet Child of Mine (the solo).


I can do other much faster and technical solo's like Ascendancy, Master of Puppets(yes the solo worth mentioning) and that kind of stuff.

What's wrong me? I can play everything else by Slash laughably, but this one solo always escapes me. Is there some major technique difference in this song that I'm missing.
It's not that bad. I've been playing about 2 years and can do it.

Some people get in the habit of "O yeah, I can shred Eruption and Master of Puppets!! Sweet Child O'Mine should be no problem" And those people go on to try to play it perfectly within the first few tries.

But like the guy above me said, just take to time to learn it like you did the other songs!! =D

good luck~!
I would suggest breaking the solo down into segments, master each of those segments and then put the whole lot together. It may take longer but it's the simplest way to do it.
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Practice slowly, sometimes, I experienced that too. I can shred some fast solos but I can't do the slower ones and the solution that I've found out is by practicing slowly.
Just because you've learned a few things that are, on paper, technically more demanding doesn't automatically entitle you to play everything that you perceive to be easier.

Guitar isn't a video game, there's no levelling up - if you don't know something you have to learn it, no matter how "easy" you think it is.
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Which part are you stuck on? If it's the part where Slash speeds up, then I just broken that part down into a few segments and kept practicing that until I could do it decently. Then I moved on to the next segement and practiced it the same way. Then I would combine the two segments and practice that until I could get it down pretty decent.
Just find the key and actually improv a solo its so much more fun
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Just find the key and actually improv a solo its so much more fun

But that doesn't solve the problem. It just avoids it. Even then, it is best to know the original solo before trying to improvise one, as then you have some licks thatyou know work in the solo at your disposal.
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