I'm building this valve overdrive pedal, and i want to know how i wire it to a bypass switch. I know roughly how this works, but i'm not sure, and where are the effect outputs and inputs that i need to wire to the switch? I'm not sure how to locate them.


there is the schematic and layout

I was also wondering what kind of tube holder i need, i know its noval, but i'm not sure about size, i'm assuming its not miniature?

You just need a standadr 9pin socket.

Going by the second diagram the INPUT and OUTPUT are already attached to the jacks.

I built ths pedal a while ago and drew a little rough diagram for it...

Cool, thanks alot, how did you find the sound?

I also read somewhere you can substitute the 12AU7 for a 12AT7, i know the AT has higher gain, does it make a real difference to the souds?