Im looking for a new amp, and my dad has just called me to say that there is an amp in the local auction. He says it is made in britain by 'Maines Electronics Ltd.' I can't find anything about them online, so i guess they are out of business.

From what my dad tells me, it looks like its from the '80s, it comes with a 4x12 cab. He says it has several level controls (im guessing pre and power amp), a 3 band eq and a colour knob. He cant tell if its tube or ss, but he says it has a big heatsink on the back, which doesnt really mean much i suppose.

Does anyone know anything about these amps? Auction ends tonight, should i go and check it out? Thanks!
check it out could be a tube i guess and ifits made in britain it's not going to be one of these amps madein china for real cheap
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My dad says its a head and cab, but im guessing this will be ss as well if the combo is. Im looking for a tube, so i think ill leave it. Thanks for finding that tho.
Big heat sink usually means that the amp has a load of transistors that need to be cooled. It is a SS because of that.
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