ok so i was just wondering who has heard the fall out boy version of beat it by michael jackson?

well i was hoping to get some other peoples opinions on the cover i think its awful and it makes michael jackson look bad(no pun intended) for allowing the cover to happen. i think fob should be burned at the stake for ruining this classic.

p.s i'm not here to rip on fob i just really dislike what they did to this song

so yea let me know what ya think
I thought Panic at the disco did it....

Coincidently, i heard it on the radio tonight.....dare I say it wasn't all that bad?

The only thing I have against fallout boy and other similar bands is that annoying, whiny singing voice, other than that, I have no problem with them.
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yea the guitar isnt all that bad i rather like it but once the vocals came in it just ruined the song for me but then again that just my opinion ....yea
Doesn't John Mayer play the solo that was originally played by Eddie Van Halen?
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Yeah I heard it. The guitar sounds heavier but I hate FOB vocals with a passion.
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It's a good cover (it sounds good and John Mayer does the solo). Don't hate it just because a band that everybody says is gay did it. They do write good songs sometimes.