Nice job, it had a very Testament like feel to it for me at some parts. The intro seemed to go on a bit, so maybe shorten it a little. The riff at :32 is great, seems to have good transition as well. The two riffs after the first solo I didn't care for too much, they just seemed out of place but thats just me. I really like the clean part with the melodic solo, nice job on that, also a good transition back to the heavier riff from there. Both the solo around 5:15 and the outro lead worked very well.

Any of the songs would be fine, thanks a lot and nice song.
I'll comment while listening ,it gives you a much better idea of my opinion

-sounds like black metal at first
-then it goes into some realy kickass riffs ...

- loving it so far ....

-the drums realy go well with the guitars ,i can hear some bass too !
-Blast BEATS !! Hellyeah !

-the interlude solo needs some work

-realy awsome riffs after the breakdown !! ,awosome timing

-the solo sounds cool,a little bit of technique could make it perfect !

-the tone of the second solo is not my favourite ! ,but it's a good solo

-wow you put some realy good riffs in this song,and some great arrangment

-Harmonies ! ,need some work !! but cool outro !!


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