Ok I can play the Fade to Black intro perfectly, it doesn't sound right though. I have a Line 6 Spyder III 15 watt amp . I have the chorus pedal, I need what to dial the tone nobs to though. Thanks.

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You'll never be able to get the same tone as a particular artist unless you buy the same equipment they use. Besides this being really expensive it's just a waste of time because even then the studio mixing done would change the tone of the song further rendering you even more incapable of achieving said tone.

The most you can do is try get close to it.
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Try this:
Gain- 9
Bass- 9
Mid- 4
Tremble- 8

Thats the standard metallica tone (well as close as I can get it). If you're talking about the acoustic bit just turn the volume down on your actual guitar.