hey guys I'm thinking of buying an electric tuner since up til now I used my ear and the tuner built in my amp, But it isn't all that accurate.

I'm thinking of buying a korg ga30


do I just plug my electric guitar in the input when tuning? and when tuning an acoustic do I just play it to the speaker?

but for 5 bucks more I could actually get a tuner pedal


I wonder which one I should get
Yeah guitar into the input.

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I have that one in black ( i think its just for guitar).

It's great when you plug it in, the microphone is sensitive so if there is any other noise going on in the room (even someone talking) you might not get the tuning you want.

I just got use to how the mic worked and I still use it to tune, good tuner especially since you can choose what note you want (for example it doesn't just have EADGBE, it has all of the notes so A, Bb, C, D, Eb etc.)
yea, u could, its up to you. just makle sure that it is chromatic (does every note). i have a Seiko SAT500 tuner. it cost me £24.99 but it was worth it. got every note on it and it is very accurate
+1 on the chromatic advice. Always get a tuner capable of every note, even if you aren't doing anything but standard tunings currently. You never know...
I have it in black too and LOVE it, it is so easy to use. Right after I bought it a friend gave me a high dollar Korg with an input and output (which I like) but it is so bouncy and hard to read compared, I hardly ever use it, the one you are looking at is great for the money.
I recommend the sabine stuff lasts forever and very accurate.
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