Hey guys just thought it’ll be cool… hmm so will this work??
I mean will the opening or closing the WAH pedal affect on processor’s effects…
Ok 4 example I have got only distortion on RP so rocking the wah pedal
may b will increase treble?? Or add more distortion??
Just run the wah in series with the RP. Your idea, while fascinating, is ultimately useless.
Basically if you run your wah and your MFX unit parallel, then you'll have a weird mix of both the wet and dry signal when you run one or the other.

A wah doesn't increase treble, it filters the low end (which is kind of the same thing but not really) and will act just like it would if you put it in front of a distortion pedal or an overdriven amp if you stick it in front of your MFX unit.
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It will mix clean signal going through the wah but not the MFX pedal and clean signal going through the MFX pedal but not the wah together. So you basically get clean wah sound mixed with distortion (no wah). However it might not sound that great since you're mixing clean and distorted sounds.
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