Hey Guys,

Ive had to put up with my MG100DFX for too long now and i HAVE to get something new.

I dont want to spend over £300/$600.

I play metal so i want something with a good drive.

Ive been looking at Line 6, but ive been told Peavey are great amps.

What do you think?


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If you aren't gonna play much clean stuff I'd say a Peavey 5150.

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I say check out the RG50TC or the Peavey Valveking.

If you don't want to make the jump from solid-state, check out the G3 series Randalls.

They're great amps.
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When you say Line 6, do you mean the Spider, or what?

I seen a new Spider Valve advertised in some shop for £400. I think it was in a magazine I saw it.

Otherwise, get the Randall, or a Valveking.
I'm not sure, but just for the little bit of fun I have when people say "need" (I say it too sometimes):

You don't "need" any amp right now. And you don't "have to" get a new amp.

There are people all over the world without food or shelter, they are living in poverty, they are the ones who "need" food, and water. There are people who where going through hell in parts of the world as we speak. They are the ones who "need," you just "want," theres a difference.

Sorry about that, I've just been told so many times I don't need, just want, that I decided I'll tell it to someone else.