So I have been doing sound in my local church(Which has a big band) and i was wondering what good could come from this. Im thinking of becoming a profeesional maybe in a recording studio or something...By the time I finish high school i will have 4 years of experiance mixing and recording. So how would one go about become a profesional sound mixer in a recording studio?
talk to people who own studios and see if they need help. or start your own studio, if you work for a bigger studio you will almost invariably start doing menial jobs unless you have a degree in sound engineering.
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It's a tough road ahead, friend.

And live mixing is a lot different than studio work. For instance you don't have to monkey with feedback control in the studio, and you'll want tube pres, ribbon mics, etc.

But actually working in the field is tough. If you want my advice, look into a degree in Physics.

Double major in Physics and Music at a respected University, then apply what you know to sound.

You will find that when you know sound, plenty of opportunities will arise to do it...for free.
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