Didn't know where to post this so i'll throw it in here..

I've been playing guitar for a couple of months but nothing major, just messing around with tab and video's etc but I really wanna get lessons now

Does anyone know any good guitar tutors in Bristol, UK?

Also, what sort of prices should i be expecting? I'v looked at Drum Bank Music and a couple of other places that state around £12.50 per half hour session, is this the standard sort of price i should be paying?

Any info/tips/advice etc very welcome

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I've been brushing up with some YouTube, I wish it was around when I was your age, I can remember sitting around waiting on a certain video to come on MTV to watch the guitar player, wow Technology has come so far, you got it made. If your determined, you don't need a tutor.
If nothing else, go with one of these on line tutors. Good luck and stay with it!
Ive heard the lessons at DBM (Drum Bank Music) are good - I probably would be with them if i didn't get lessons at school
The people there are great, and really friendly - got my first electric from them!

Anyway,(imo) no matter who you go with, lessons will help LOADS with your playing - so go for it!
Cheers for the info

There's quite a lot of different tutors at DBM, only been there once but seems nice and friendly

How often do you recommend getting lessons? Would half an hour a week be enough?
Also half an hour doesn't seem very long to me..although i guess you get time to practise what you learn until the next session

Thanks again
On the RGT, when you click More Info.. and it has the grades for each section of teaching, if it has a "-" by it, does that mean they don't teach it at all? Because alot of the tutors by my postcode don't have the "Chords & Rhythm" area graded? and that sounds/seems quite important?

Could you possibly have a look at the tutors for my postcode and recommend one? my postcode is BS16

Graham Sothcott on that list has the most impressive grades, teaching most of the list up to "Advanced"...thinking of giving him a email/call for more info
Your best bet would be to call and enquire of each of the teachers. I'm not recommending any of them as personally I've never heard of them. But if they have been accepted they are of a good level and have had to provide references and likely have CRB checks.
You need to have some contact with them to work out if they have the kind of personality you will get along with.
You could try going down to rikaxxe in the cernter, or somwhere similar. Chances are they will run some lessons from the shop. In fact, I think I saw a sign saying somthing about lessons in there. If not they will probably know how to put you in touch with some teachers.

Yeah Brizol!
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