I remember a thread with a bunch of songs in which had their 'grade' next to them, I've searched but I can't find it. Anyone got it?
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Psh. I can can play fleshlight acoustically.

Erm...well how you 'grade' a piece is personal opinion to be honest...just ask an experienced guitarist (that doesn't have his/her head up his/her own ass) for an approximate grade for any piece you want to play for a challenge or for an exam.

Edit: Random thought, but is this for GCSE music or something? I got an A* and I chose Fade To Black by Metallica plus some other random stuff, but I think those pieces were beyond the requirements of Grade 6 ish level.

At AS Level I got 90/90 UMS marks for my performances and I think I played Satch Boogie and The Extremist (both by Joe Satriani) for my performance pieces, so they're at least Grade 8 apparently.
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Yeha there was a list of "songs to learn" rated beginner, intermediate, difficult and extreme.

I can;t find it either :[
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