Poll: Which practice tube amp should I get?
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Kustom 12a
2 5%
Epiphone Valve Jr.
14 32%
Palomino V8
8 18%
Fender Champion 600
10 23%
Peavey ValveKing8
14 32%
other, I will post in the thread
6 14%
Voters: 44.
I am going to go buy my new practice amp today. I have an interest in playing blues/alt-country, alternative rock, and some classic rock (mainly the first two). The sound I would be looking for could go along the lines of The Strokes, Ryan Adams, SRV, John Mayer, RHCP, White Stripes, Clapton, etc. Nothing too heavy. I plan to get effects pedals down the road. I am on a budget (~$150) and after searching through all the threads on this website, here are the models I am considering. Please vote and/or reply with your opinion!

Kustom Tube 12A ($99)- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kustom-Tube-12A-Practice-Amp?sku=481230
Epiphone Valve Jr. ($149.99)-
Fender Champion 600 ($199.99)-
Peavey ValveKing Royal 8 ($199.99)-
Palamino V8 (199.99)-

I am leaning towards either the Epiphone because of price and simplicity or the ValveKing as it has more features and would eliminate the need for an overdrive pedal. However maybe the Epi would be better and with the money saved I could get a Boss Bluesdriver pedal or something similar.

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I have edited the original post to include my musical/stylistic interests. Thanks!
The Kustom isn't all tube. It only has a tube in the preamp.

Out of the ones listed, I'd say the Peavey or the Palomino. The Epi Valve Jr. head & cab sound a lot better to me than the combo version does (I've tried both), and I'm not a big fan of the Fender's small speaker.
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I'd pick the Royal 8 out of that group, one of the few tube amps to have a headphone jack.
Does the Royal 8 have a line out? I still am leaning towards the VJ or the Royal 8. There seems to be a lot of talk of the Palmino getting a bit muddy at higher volumes. I think the fender is out due to the fact that it doesn't seem to offer anything more than the epi does. Also due to it not being completely tube, something I wasn't aware of, the kustom is out. That leaves it down to the epi, Peavey, and possibly the Palomino.
I've got both the Vj combo and the head/cab. Both are decent. the combo breaks up a bit earlier then the head and the head/cab has more low end and volume, but both are really nice for the price. With my POD XTL they are sweet. I also have an MXR 108 that works very well with both. I've tried a bad monkey and a ts 808 with both and they like those too. I've played through the palomino V8, V16, and V32 and like the 16 for tone the best. Not sure how it takes pedals though. Haven't tried the others.
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Thanks for the feedback guys. I am still stuck between the Peavey and the Epi VJ. I am leaning towards the VJ as price is making a difference and it doesn't sound like the Peavey has that much to justify the extra $50 that could be spent on a nice eq pedal or the like.
No mention of the fender super champ xd
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Well the thing with the Blackheart is that for nearly 300$ I am only ~$150 away from a fender blues jr. I just want a practice amp under $200. Looks don't matter...it's an amp. The peavey and epi are still on my mind. Any input?
Anybody else have any last opinions? I have no way of trying anything but the fender champ 600 out. I really like the idea of having the simplicity of the VJ and saving a few bucks but maybe it could be nice to have some effects to mess with. The other benefit of the peavey is the ability to use headphones...something I may need. Ah the choices! The Palamino is out due to it being discontinued from MF (I have some gc's to use there).
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Peavey Bandit. Pretty fantastic for a practice amp. Cheaper and way more versatile than the VK.
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Ya it looks nice but out of my price range. I will get a bigger amp down the road should I decide to gig and play with others down the road. For now I want a 5w I can practice on.