Im lookin at buying a new guitar and I mostly play metal with a little bit of blues. I have narrowed my search down between the LTD V-500 and the Dean ML-79. I have heard great things about both of these and was wondering if anyone owned either of these and could recommend them. I guess the big difference would be the pickups and the bridge, but Im having a hard time deciding.



If you want a trem, the ML.

If you're not bothered, ESP.

On the other hand, the ESP's EMGs are probably a LOT better than the Dean's stock (I've heard awful things from most people about Dean's stock pickups, and when playing myself, I've noticed they're pretty muddy and rough).

They're also both pretty uncomfortable guitars, imo.
I'd go with the ESP. Dean's are good quality but sell things for the wrong reason IMO. The ESP is just as good if not better.

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well one has tremolo, one has not. If you need it you better go with the Dean, otherwise the ESP. I personally think Dean has a, well childish, reputation and ESP has always made solid guitars, so thats another reason.
esp. and if you want a trem look into the an mh-400 or mh-1000. strat style, no V, but trem.
otherwise esp
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personally i would get a epi standard paul or an agile al -3100 and change the bridge to active emg or dizmario super distortion
Id go for the DEAN, I heard the zebra pickups are good. DO you know what neck it is?
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IMO go with Dean, but dont buy a guitar just because of the pickups, try them both out and then decied, dont buy over the internet go to a store!!!