Hey, anyone ever pre-ordered a game from play.com? Does it come early or what because they already have stock in before the release date and dispatch it for the release date or do they wait for the release date before they dispatch the item - thus recieving it about 3 days after the release date??

That would be the one, its prob the only game i feel the need to pre-order in fear of not having it staright away and being left out!
Same, but I can't get the time off work on the release date, so I'm going to wait til I can have a week off. Otherwise, I'll get fired for skiving...

Can't really answer your question, but I'd guess it'll come on the Tuesday!
You normally get it the day it comes out. Sometimes I've had it the day before, sometimes 2 days after.
It depends on what you buy. When I pre-ordered Supreme Commander, it arrived the day before it was due for release, but when I pre-ordered C&C3 Kane's Wrath, it came the day after release.
They get it early, just like every media retial store would. The release date is the display date.
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