Hi Guys

I recently bought a Squier Jazz bass guitar, brand new from GAK.
Its a beautiful guitar, with just one problem.
The E string has a real buzzing problem, but its not like fret buzz, (I've been playing guitar for about 8 years and i know what fret buzz sounds like), its almost like a rain stick noise, falling rice, hissing kind of thing, and i can't tell where it's coming from. It only happens on the open E, if i play a fretted note, it goes away.
Any ideas what the problem is, and how i can fix it.

Thanks in advance
It could be, like i say i cant tell 'cause the sound travels through the whole instrument. If it is the nut what are my options?
I went into a shop today and they said it was something to do with the truss rod, and they'd charge £60 to service it.
If i can avoid spending that, it'd be real helpful
I've had a bass do exactly what you are describing. The problem was a shoddy job on the nut and the groove wasn't properly aligned with the string causing that lovely friction buzz which resonates the length of the bass.
A "good" repair shop should be able to identify it and fix it.
Thanks for the help guys
Spoke to my guitar teacher about it, tried a few things.
It isn't the nut we've taken the string out of the nut groove and played it and it still makes the noise.
We've have come to the conclusion that it sounds like something rattling from within the body, so i am sending it back.

Bit of a pain.... i have a gig tomorrow night.

Thanks again