what is a temelo bar i havent figured it out yet my frend says he dont know i think its like a wahmmy bar i just see it in guitar tricks and see it all over the site
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Quote by frozen_soul
ummm testicular cancer?
there are a bazillion threads about it
try the stickied threads and search bar
not that hard

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That question combined with your user name is priceless.
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It's the same thing...
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Its a whammy, but why do people have to be some dicks and say OH USE THE SEARCH BAR does it really bother you that much that someone got up enough courage to ask a question and you have to be a major dickhole to them because they don't know? People make me mad llike that.

But yeah it is a Whammy.
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It's a whammy. = 15 key strokes

Use the search bar. = 20 key strokes

You actually save yourself a few strokes. Enjoy.
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