So I had my bass out last night and I wrote a little something. This is a relatively rough take of "When I'm Alone"(eh, just kinda slapped a name on it). On my profile.
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hey thanks for taking a look at my vid, shame no ones responded to this one yet. this forum seems to be really slow these days.
any ways ill listen to it as i write so i dont miss anything.
nice groove you get going. not such a fan of the the high notes in the first riff. rough take yes, but still enjoyable. great dynamics. how many strings on this bass? a great mood on the parts past the 1:10 mark (approx i forget) ouch! had to turn down my speakers for the part after. seems a little out of place. okay back on the really good stuff. you are really good on bass, nice job writing an interesting song!
lol, sorry about that. The slap bit may not have worked as well as I thought it did. Maybe if I get a compressor or something the volume difference won't be so damn huge. 6-string bass by the way and thanks!