i wasnt exactly sure at all where this should go...

ok, so ive got 15 (what i consider) real good songs i want to lay down..

but how would you suggest going about that?

at first i thought i should record all the acoustic tracks first, then go in an add electric vox and such..

or should i try and focus on one song at a time? like lay down all parts for one track then move to track 2 when im done there?

.. also im a one man band with acoustic, electric, mandolin, banjo, trumpet, harmonica, piano/synth and much more, so i really like the idea of doin one instrument for all 15 tracks at once, then moving on to the next instrument.... but this seems like it would be a little too complicated and time-sucking.

any help?
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drums are normally the best to put down first since they keep the beat, play those to a click track when you record or if you have software, just program them on beat. EZDrummer is a good drum program, sounds great.

I say focus on one song at a time, layer it up starting with drums and ending with vocals. When you finish, edit each instrument which should be on its own track, get the best sound you can out of each part using compressors, EQ, and reverb...