I've recently begun working out again after like a 4 month hiatus. I'm trying to mainly burn fat and not worry too much about bulking up. I'll admit, sadly I have man boobs and I would like nothing more than to get rid of them. So what exercises at the gym would be best for burning those man boobs away? I always start with a 1 mile run then some free weights and machines, but what specifics do I need to focus on?

I'm also dieting as well. I only drink water and I try to eat like no more than 1500 calories a day if I can get away with it. If I go over a litttle it's okay but I try to NEVER pass 1800 or so. I can't really buy any protein shakes, etc. so I have to do this with good old fashioned hardwork? Any tips for bye bye man boobs? Thanks a lot.
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Running and not eating any crap, either literally or proverbially. Stay away from simple sugars and anything made with white flour.
You could start with this exercise - only one rep is required:

Take your right hand and put it on your desk.

Lift your hand and put it over your mouse.

Move that mouse to the top of the screen where it says "search." Click the left mouse button with your index finger.

Type in "Bodybuilding" into the thread title search. Move pointer using mouse to lower part of screen over the button that says "Search." Repeat same clicking action done above.

Move mouse yet again to appropriate thread. Click that thread. Enjoy.

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