so...if i wanted to record my guitar to my computer using some sort of USB input what kinda device do i need? like i know u can plug into ure soundcard but a USB input seems a lot simpler being i have little to no idea what im doing lol
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when u say usb interface you mean.....software? or what? sorry...currently i have fruity loops and audacity but im not sure if thats what you mean

...actually scratch what i just said....i just did some looking


is that the kinda thing i would need? like that + guitar + stock sound card? or is there still more that i would need?
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interface is a piece of hardware like that UX2,,,(dont buy that unit though...unless you can get hold of a firewire card for your computer)

interfaces bypass your stock sound card for recording and playback so you should not need a new one on your computer. Latency will be lowered and quality will be much higher as these interfaces were made for recording from the design stages.

if you can get a firewire port on your computer go with the mackie onyx satellite as it has much better preamps and is the same price of the UX2.

USB 2.0 interface are fair but they cant do any more than two tracks at one time and those are mono tracks. The E-MU 0404 is a nice USB2.0 interface to start with. but the mackie is a better choice overall IMO.

also consider mics and cables. Reaper is a good software, google that. You can multi track with it and it has a lot of features for a good price.

As I said, read tweaks guide and the stickies