i sometimes have ideas of riffs and licks, but the next day im like "man that sucks" or dont like it anymore. and other times i try to make something and just can;t think of anything. what should i do??? i have a band, and in my band my friend the other guitarist usually makes most of the things up, and me and the vocalist arrange them, i sometimes harmonize some of the guitar parts. but it want to make some beast guitar parts for songs but can't think of any. did you guys have any problems like this?? what did you do???? i need some advice!!
i was exactly the same exept i started being able just to show the other guitarist and the bassist the leads i writen, the other guitarist who is the singer made the rhythem and progressions. Just write non-stop, and tecord or tab what you play to make sure you don't forget it. Then play some of the stuff to them, they might make adjustments but you will have still writen it.

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Experience with different types of rhythms and new scales.

Sometimes it's better not to even use scales, but it's a little harder with guess work. (By not using scales I mean not stay in a certain path. Obviously, you'll be using scales anyways)

Try make a very simple, decent sounding riff. Experience with the rhythms of that. Once you find a good rhythm and sound, add more notes to that riff. Inbetween the notes you already have, if you were to put them at the start or end of the riff you would need to make a whole new sequence of notes to sound good.

Simple riffs can be more poweful then complex riffs.
Listen to music you don't like. That will expand your ability by a lot.

EDIT: If you play only power chords...that will set you back a lot. Learn a couple different chords you like and use them. Power chord progressions, often, can sound good at first but, in my experience, sound terrible when I try them again.
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thanks, i hardly use scales though, my problem is that i can't think of a rhythym,beat,lick,riff. would it be easier if i listened to music (that i like) and improvise to it or something like that???

If you've got guitar pro just write a drum beat and a bassline. Then improvise til you find something you like and try progress it a lot more as in tabbing a verse and a chorus.
My advice, try writing with your head instead of your hands. Think of a melody you like then work out how to play it. Just combining notes of the scale in familiar ways will just keep you working within the same box.
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Learn lots of scales, chord inversions and variations.

Like instead of a simple C - G - Em - Am

Use : C - G6 - Em - Am7

That makes it sound a little more unique, and you can usually come up with a riff on top of that if you know your scales and musical theory.

Or just play some single notes until you find something your'e happy with, then put that into power chords. And perhaps harmonize it.

That usually sounds good
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My advice, try writing with your head instead of your hands. Think of a melody you like then work out how to play it. Just combining notes of the scale in familiar ways will just keep you working within the same box.

i haven;t though of that yet. ill try it at morning right now its midnight and can't play with an amp. thanks for the advice!
oh yeah between, right now im in a band thats genre is hardcore. i love that genre and would like to make something around it. but i still like blues,soft rock,post hardcore,alternaltive,grunge,thrash, but right now im trying to focus with my band. and im not fairly good with chords such as A minor chord, etc... and scales too

should i work on that???
dont be scared to take some licks from songs and change em around. Just play around with scales and a nice little riff or solo might come out.