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Psh. I can can play fleshlight acoustically.

I live in England, and there are loads around here.
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someone told me there are no wild rabbits in england, is that true?

Well, sort of true, because there are thousands of wild rabbits, but they all have mixsy (sp?)

We have lots and lots and lots and lots of wild hares however.
Ohhh i see what youre trying to get people to say . . . . . . . but im not biting. There are plenty of wild rabbits in england, but none of them are rabid . . . . . .
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There are loads, though like most wild animals, they are often shy, so you don't see them that often.

What on earth gave you the idea that there weren't?
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lol well i was taking my online class and someone made a post that involved her telling us that her grandma, from england, was trying to catch a wild rabbit in her backyard because it absolutely had to be someones pet because there are no wild rabbits in england.
there everywhere you just need to know where to look
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