ok i hope this is the right forum ive looked round this seem to be the right one.

any who in joe satrianis new song i just wanna rock during the intro he goes from a normal sort of distortion to a really thick sound is this through techniuqe or a pedal he is using?

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he probably switches pickups. but i havent heard the song.
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yeah.. it could be the pickup ... or he could switch the distortion channels... (footswitch...)
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He's using his Satchurator pedal which isn't out yet.

On it, he as distortion (or maxed) and there's another button called "more". How awesome is that?

He did it because, when he'd play live, he'd feel like the distortion pedal only went up to 8.5 or 9.2, so with the "more" button it goes up too 11... XD