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65 29%
90 40%
37 16%
10 4%
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24 11%
Voters: 226.
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11s. I find the strings are a bit floppy on the low side though.. so I might go 12s next. Good for finger strength too
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9s on both - am gonna restring with 10s. Are they good for E & D standard?
I usually use 11's but I have 12's on both my guitars right now
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11s and up is for REAL men.

10s for boys

9s for ladys

8s stop playing guitar noob!

I was joking BTW.
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I always use 8's. Easy to solo with.
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10's and 11's.
I actually have found that a 10-46 set with an 11 on the high E string is what I like the most on my strat.
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I have 9's on both of my electrics, and 10's on my acoustic. But I'm considering changing to 10's on my electrics.
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11s and up is for REAL men.

10s for boys

9s for ladys

8s stop playing guitar noob!

I was joking BTW.

I really doubt you were joking since it's true...

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anyone know if i anyone makes 11-46? i havent seen any, not that ive looked real hard....


9's on my main guitar and 12s on my backup (a.k.a. the blues guitar)
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11s. I play slide, and I need the extra string tension. Plus, I think the larger strings just suit a semi-hollow better.
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11's for the good sustain
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9's on my Fender, Blackjack, and Tele-copy. 10's on my Hellraiser and semi-hollow. I'll probably end up putting 11's on the semi-hollow. Can't remember what's on the acoustic. Either 12's or 13's.
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10s, occasionally 11s. I'm gonna switch to 11s soon.
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Perfect for metal. Easy to shred on but also gives a titanic low-end sound.
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i use bass strings on my electric... how manlys that!

nah jks... i use 11's
I play 12's, but I've still got my stock strings on my SG right now... haven't really had much reason to change them yet. My tonality's kinda dimming down a little bit though so I think I'll change them in the near future.



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