That was actually quite well done.

Congratulations. I was expecting something a lot worse.
Now 100% humour free, in accordance with the rules.

pretty cool man, never heard of the Mugabe dude though, but i dont keep updated on stuff like that *_*
I breathe air.
Haha thanks!

And hes the controvertial president of zimbawe. Could have been voted out though. and apperently hes the modern hitler

Sooo tedious to make, even though its only like 30 secs.
The next one is proving to be harder since this stupid reporter talks faster
looks good, loved the first bit and the swastika, really well done
waiting for the next few, keep us informed!
I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.
Haha i remember that.
In the election he gave away over 1000 pieces of opposition's land to war veterans and his supports. (im not sure it was 1000 but it was something thousand... maybe 5)
Wow. Very elegantly done.

If I had to criticise, I'd say make it more interesting at the start. It's quite static for a while, then the shot thing makes it interesting. And again towards the end. It just lacks momentum a little at first.