Ok...I was wondering if anyone that has had experience with these, tell me how well a Carvin V3, Carvin Legacy or a B52 AT-100 compare sound wise to a Mesa Dual rec.

I will listen to them in person if I can just looking for someones opinion.
If memory serves, the Carvins you mentioned are a bit more mid range suited than a boogie is, a bit smoother also. But I suppose it depends on how you use the amp as well. Definately go try it out, but that's what I've heard.
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I've have a Carvin Legacy and have played the B-52 AT's and a Dual Recto. The Legacy is nothing like a Dual Recto. The Legacy has much better cleans and the lead channel is a lot warmer and smoother, then again the Legacy isn't voiced for modern metal. Sound-wise, there's little to no similarities between the Legacy and a Dual Recto.

The B-52 AT's seem to be popular around here and some consider them to be a 'poor mans Recto.,' which isn't entirely true. The AT's have dull cleans and the rhythm and lead channels are very muddy and undefined. They're not the most reliable amps either.
Thanks for the response guys...I was leaning away from the B-52 anyway...just threw it in for reference hehe.

Thinking for the price either a V3 or JSX (dont think I listed it before).