Hi guys, I'm brand new here but I was wondering if any of you kind folks could lend a hand to a newbie.
I recently purchased the Digitech Hendrix Experience pedal and haven't been able to set it up. I've been playing guitar for a couple of years now but this is only my second pedal.
Does anyone else know how to set it up properly? The instruction manual wasn't very helpful and I tried calibrating it and not much seems to be happening. I can play the guitar through the pedal clean (effects off) but when I stamp the pedal on none of the effects appear to be working even though the green light is on.
When the heel is back (toe up) the light goes red and turns itself off and I don't think that's supposed to happen but I'm just not very good at these technical things so I wouldn't know either way!
Any help from someone who owns the pedal would be greatly appreciated.