okay, so i'm definitely going to get either protools or sonar producer edition...

which one is particularly better? i know this is a very general question, but there are obviously differences between the two.

also, very important for me, do you need to buy hardware for any of them, or could i just use my pod x3 live?
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They're very different programs, Sonar is more MIDI based than Protools, it's very similar to Logic in that respect.
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For PT you need proper hardware, line 6 gear will never work for it.

I actually use both, PT at school and sonar 6 pro. at home. I prefer Sonar, its easier to learn and works better when it comes to MIDI.

If you are doing pro grade work I say go with Sonar but if you are just recording for fun look into a program called Reaper, its simiar to the higher end programs but at a fraction of the overall cost. I mixed quite a few things on reaper and am very happy with it.

BTW, R&R form is for recording hardware and software questions like this.

Personally I think any one will work, I hear everyone saying how all the high end studios use PT and it may be true but I also see a lot of people using programs like Sonar. I think you should pick one and stick with it, you can do a heck of a lot with a program that you stick with and learn for years.

PT is nice but will end up costing more money for the hardware that is needed.
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I agree with moody. Pro Tools isn't really something I would recommend for the home studio. It needs special hardware (Digidesign, or M-Audio) and in my opinion is a lot harder to use than any of it's main rivals.

You should do as moody recommended, and at least download Reaper to try it. If you like it, it's very cheap to buy a licence, although it doesn't stop you using it if you don't buy one. Otherwise, I'd say Sonar would be the better option over Pro Tools. A lot of people also swear by Mackie Tracktion, I think there's a free demo of that you can download.

I use Cubase at home, and like it very much, so that's another one to look at. Do you have any experience with any sequencing/DAW software ?
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I love Cubase, but it is expensive.

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I'd say Cubase.

I have 4, and use Nuendo as well (yay Film Post) and it blows most others away. Sonor is 2nd best, followed by Logic, Pro-Tools, etc.

But if you are looking to sink some cash into recording, go look at a Radar or Pyramix.