Does anyone have the Keeley SD1 or know where i can hear some good clips? I actually really like the SD1 but i feel it could be a lot better still so any information anyone can give on it would be appreciated
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Can't tell you much about it other than it just sounds way better than a stock one. Fatter, better defined sound, clearer. More gain as well. The only thing I find useless is the switch, to be honest I never noticed a difference when switching. That could be cause I drive it in front of a JCM 800 on full-gain.

Other good company to check out is Cmatmods.
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I use mine in front of a Twin Reverb and love the low gain sounds

The switch seems to make it brighter (to my ears).
You could also look at MonteAllums.com for a mod for that pedal.

They will send you the diagrams, instructions and components and you can do the mod yourself for around $20.

I have an SD-1 that I did the Monte Allums mod to and it's killer.

Installed 2 switches, one switch for two levels of overdrive, and the second to switch between the Ibanez clipping, and the boss clipping patterns.

Also REALLY rounded out the gain structure of the pedal.
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