Allright, this ís my first try. Don't go easy on me, though. I might as well know right away if trying to write is a wasted effort on my part. Oh, and C4C.

Blank slate.

"Writer, hmmm, yes,
Call me that,
If you will."

My, so to speak, pen
Sketches, designs patterns
Repeats redundant thoughts

Domination, I long for.
Control-freak, Extraordinaire.

My influence expands
Circles ripple through
Your memory, reminiscence
of what you used to be

Indeed, my aforementioned
Spiritual pen, my
Train of thoughts,
Superimposed upon you

Entire existence fades
Darkened, blurry, hazed
Gone out-of-date

Wiped out, depleted
You're now my blank slate

Altering your function to
Mankinds' lowest,
undermost slime

Simulated story I write,
With conclusive


Surpremely, finally
Perfectly legible
My last and latest line:
'For all eternity
You're mine'
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