Ya so I bought a used Squier strat and I want to get a new pickguard for it because it's all faded except for a large patch where a sticker used to be (I think). I want one that has just a bridge humbucker spot and one hole for a volume pot to go. It just needs to be all white, nothing fancy, but I just don't know where to buy one that will fit the guitar right for relatively cheap (since this isn't a very expensive guitar). Any help please?
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strats are a very popular shape of guitar, so I wouldn't imagine why it would be hard to find a pickguard for it. I live in the UK so I don't think there would be any point in linking you to one, but try some online sites like musiciansfriend I think it is?.
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going for a DeLonge style guitar, eh? xD
just buy Tom DeLonge pickguard (it's pearloid(90% that I spelt it wrong) white I think) or buy a blank white pickguard and drill the holes.
I have found only that pickguard with 1 hum and 1 volume...
others have 1 hum and 3 holes...
I want a pickguard like that too...but can't get it in Europe :S
If you're in USA look on ebay for that DeLonge pickguard or buy a blank one and drill holes by yourself.

edit: I think musiciansfriend has that tom deLonge pickguard too
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strats are really popular, so you probably won't have much trouble finding one, but I know there's a few users on here who sell custom pickguards, too...

I honestly can't remember their usernames atm, but I'll edit with some names when it comes to me.

edit: I think his username's muikoma (sp?). His website's http://www.pickguardcorner.com/
I can't remember any others right now.....
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Stewmac has has several different styles to chose from, and I know warmoth will make it what ever config you want and has alot of different materials to use.
Pickgaurd corner all the way as far as im concerned, most awesome looking things ive seen, I want one!
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