Hey, I'm thinking of getting a new half stack, any suggestions? I play anything from blues to hard rock to metal, and my budget is something preferably under $1,000 (USD), but I'm willing to go a bit higher if the amp is really worth it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I do play with a band, so something that is loud and can survive gigs would be great.
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Peavey ValveKing halfstack? $900, all tube, 100 watts, all that. Can't really think of anything else off the top of my head.
Peavey Valve King...
I got such a great blues tone with my squier bullet with the neck pickup...
I can just imagine what it can do with a 1000 guitar...
I got a AC/DC, guns n' roses tone with it...
But I haven't tried metal cuz I don't play it but people say it rocks with that too.
Try one out...I'm amazed!
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If you play with a band, unless you jam at your house, you will want a combo.
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Sounds like the Peavey Valveking is a pretty safe choice then...just a question, would it be possible for me to eventually add another cab once i get the money, or would i have to buy a whole new setup? Ha, im new to amp stacks, ive been playing through an Ibanez ToneBlaster 50w Combo
my amp + 412 cab should be a little over 1K......just saying.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

With the information you provided. I say get a Marshall MG stack.
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