Yesterday a pretty dumb girl said: When does the two (as in 14.00) bus leave?

She is known for being dumb though.

This stupid nasty girl allways says or does something stupid.

She once put a pair of scissors into an electrical socket.

In spanish class, someone made a conversation that was obviously about vegetables and fruits.
All of a sudden, she yells out "pork chops"?

We were to make a conversation at the office, and she starts babbling about homework. We responded saying it was supposed to be situated in an office, and she said: They get homework too right?

Also in spanish, we were playing a game, and a couple of the ugly girls were so ****ing annoying. All I wanted to do was to shove a piece of cardboard up their ass.

Post yours, UG.
In english class:

Some guy: I speak very good english.
Girl: Yeah, I too!
Everyone: ...