I fall down a hole again, acting the same
and im in trouble again

I read a book like i read a mind, I never read the blatant rule
Probably the reason your being so cruel

Teach me a lesson, a lesson in reading
in a ditch to open my eyes, and let me start seeing

quote me all the time, will only let me shine
because understanding is forgiving

Only a rule to be read in time,
will be in my mind, a memory or pipeline

In the first line i read, i knew what you meant,
your message was typed and it was sent

and the hardest part
was sitting out not taking part

Written on a whim about someone keep telling me off, because i didnt know something. C4C please !
please read the rules concerning the posting limit. 1 per day, 2 per every 6 days.

sorry 'bout the irony.