Hey guys, I've been playing for about a 1.5 years now taking lessons the whole time. Usually during the lesson we just work on listening to and tabbing a song out, getting the key etc. Sometimes he'll throw in a scale or riff to practice. This has been a good approach for me up until now. I feel like I don't need him to read tabs and practice songs anymore.

So my question to you guys is, how should I ask him to restructure the lesson? He says he's cool with whatever I want to do and is pretty accomplished Jazz musician who went to school for it. Do you think I should ask him how to read music, or to learn some new techniques like sweep picking, or what? Any suggestions is appreciated!

And if it helps, I like to play some classic rock, modern rock, metal etc.

Thanks UG
As long as you've got basics, and alternate picking, I'd suggest asking for either some speed techniques, other techniques (like sweeping) or reading music - although with guitar, you don't really need to read music. I get by without, though I wish I -had- learnt it. Feels too late to go back to basics now. I have a book and tried to self-teach, but now I'm stuck the way I am...heh.

One thing to note - Sweeping can take a long time to accomplish. It'll matter more that you practice hard than you get lessons on it.
Alright cool, thanks for the advice. So maybe I can say I'd like to learn some speed exercises and new techniques like sweeping, tapping, etc. and leave out learning to read music. And then leave the rest up to him.
Ask for help with what you need to know and some, the rest just learn on your own and save the money if you are pay for the lessons.
im in the same spot except my teacher just sucks so im getting a new one soon, who actually knows what hes doing, honestly i couldnt help you but just get him to teach you cool new techniques and stuff
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thanks for the replies guys just got back. Told him what I was interested in so he gave me a few sweep exercises and showed me how to practice them. Also the intro to Wind Cries Mary, and then we went over some theory over diatomic scales, and chord formations
theory and reading music....
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